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<p>Some jobs are best left to the professionals. Even the best DIY enthusiasts know when to call a plumber.</p>
<p>Get a complete bathroom suite from one of our many brands.</p>
<p>Radiators and Towel rail keep your room snug especially during the winter months.</p>
<p>Relax, soak in the tub and destress.</p>
<p>Solar panels provide clean, freee, renewable energy from the sun.</p>

Discount Heating & Plumbing Supplies

... from top brands at affordable prices. Call us before you choose plumbing equipment, materials, tools etc..

Bathroom fixtures and fittings

Choose from a range of branded bathroom fixtures, fittings, furniture and appliances. Checkout showers, shower heads, baths, toilets, bidets, radiators, thermostats, taps and mixers.

Repairs and maintenance

For repairs to kitchen and bathroom plumbing, we stock tools, equipment, materials for professional plumbers or diy enthuisasts. Copper pipe, pipe benders, pipe cutters, wrench, adhesives, ptfe tape, flux, grout etc..

Bathroom Design and remodel

Everything you need for a bathroom design or remodel.

Our suppliers

From top suppliers: - Frontline, Aqualisa, Grohe, Whirlpool, Honeywell, Salus, Vokera etc..


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Repairs by a qualified plumbers

Some jobs are best left to the professionals. Even the best DIY enthusiasts know when to call a plumber.



Radiators to compliment every room.


Boilers and water heaters

Combi-Boilers, electric showers and water heaters take the chill out of your bath time.


Bathroom Suites

Get a complete bathroom suite from one of our many brands.


Waste and pipes

Waste and pipes are usually hidden under the sink or in a cupboard. Some are now on display and are made of decorative chrome or stainless steel. The majority of wastes are made from plastic, and have one primary function – to get rid of waste. Wastes come in various […]


Plumbing supplies

We stock a range of plumbing supplies from the best suppliers and manufacturers. Browse through our online store and choose any item for a prompt delivery. We offer a pleasant , efficient service and maintain this site regularly to ensure you enjoy your online purchasing experience


Sinks, drainers and fittings

Sinks have changed so much over the years but the convention stainless steel sink still sell superbly. However, there are a plethora of different types of sinks which look great in your kitchen. Sinks now come in all colours and are made from steel, aluminium, ceramic and some new materials. […]


Radiators for warmth

The weather plays such an integral part in our lives hence we have to give great consideration to the radiators in our home. Radiators can be decorative and shiny but above all they must be functional. A good radiator looks great in any room and provides ample heat on the […]


Bathroom Mirrors and fittings

No bathroom or restroom is complete without a mirror. You can get free standing mirrors or mirrors which can be hung on the wall. Our mirrors are designed in wood or other materials to match your decor and give you a good reflection.


Furniture for Bathrooms

The bathroom now takes its rightful place in the home as a room where you can start to relax and rejuvenate. Bathroom furniture is designed to house all your bathroom toiletries, towels, toilet paper and hygiene essentials. On offer are vanity units, cupboards, tables, and glass and wooden shelving. Some […]